ANNOUNCE: CPAN Module RDF::Parser V1.01

Pro Solutions Ltd. [1] is pleased to announce a production
quality Resource Description Framework (RDF) Model & Syntax
Specification (22-Feb-99) [2] parser.

This parser is implemented as a Perl module and is available for
download at the Pro Solutions Warehouse section at URI

The parser has a similar architecture to that of SiRPAC [3] i.e. it
first builds the parse tree and then starts the translation.
Pro Solutions Ltd. is currently investigating the adaptation of a
stream-based parsing approach.

The implementation does not support the 'aboutEachPrefix' feature
of RDF, otherwise the implementation is complete.

More details on how to use the parser are included as perlpod
documentation. There is also a sample application ''
included with the distribution.

The licensing policy for this parser enables free non-commercial use.
The complete license is available at the download address.

Feedback on the software is welcome at email address


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Received on Wednesday, 27 October 1999 06:47:40 UTC