Re: Mime types, Literals == Resources

Jonas Liljegren wrote:
> I suggest:
>   - that ALL URI's representing retrievable data, will be considerd
>     literals.
>   - that each mime type will be a sub class to Literal

I suggest that there be no more distinction between
 triple(resource,resource,resource) and triple(resource,resource,litteral)
but that RDF looking like

 <rdf:Description about="">
   <s:prop> This is a litteral </s:prop>

be translated something like

triple( s:prop,, thisfile.rdf#genid1 )

where "thisfile.rdf#genid1" whould have "This is a litteral" as CONTENT...
which surely would raise some implementation issues left to discuss!
Though, that looks sound to me.

 any reactions


Received on Monday, 22 November 1999 10:44:05 UTC