Just a little mistake ?

Dear maintainer,

Perhaps am I just wrong, but I think I found a very little mistake in the
RDF recommandation.

In the document "RDF Semantics", in point 7.1, rules se1 and se2 are:

"uuu aaa xxx ." adds "uuu aaa _:nnn ."
"uuu aaa xxx ." adds "_:nnn aaa xxx ."

And in the example given just below, it is said:

"<ex:a> <ex:p> <ex:b> ." (infers) "_:x <ex:p> <ex:b>" using rule se1

I think it is in fact the "se2" rule which is used here

If I'm right, I think the two next lines are also incorrect

Hope this helps ...

Fabian Pijcke

Received on Wednesday, 28 September 2011 14:33:57 UTC