Re: pls warn against untested hooks

* Dan Connolly <> [2005-02-02 12:13-0600]
> My experience is that untested hooks are bad; really bad. Please
> share this experience with your readers.
> This bit of SpecGL seems relevant, though not exactly the "untested
> hooks are bad" bumper-sticker I'd like to see:
>         Make sure there is a need for the optional feature. 
>         4.2 Good Practice A: in 4. Managing Variability of SpecGL 
> The 1999 RDF spec had a couple hooks that were not well tested [...]


RDF Schema had the 'ConstraintResource' hook, which was also (while 
it was good to try to anticipate things like OWL coming along) a 
flawed design - we never defined 'constraint'. 


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