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Question about Extensional Entailment Rules Nick Bassiliades (Thursday, 26 August)

ERD and DFD for Online Card Catalog/Library System kalam biboy (Monday, 9 August)

Errata fodder Re: A possible typo error in RDFS Semantics Dan Brickley (Tuesday, 3 August)

RDF media type and XPointer [Fwd: Re: An I-D for text/xml, application/xml, etc.] Dan Connolly (Tuesday, 27 July)

Will you consider this brief example of semantic interpretation? Wil with AI website Wil Holland (Sunday, 25 July)

Implementation feedback on RDF syntax spec Graham Klyne (Wednesday, 14 July)

Syntax document minor error (typo?) Graham Klyne (Monday, 12 July)

Difficulty with syntax specification Graham Klyne (Friday, 9 July)

Possible grammar errors in REC-rdf-syntax-grammar-20040210 Masayasu Ishikawa (Friday, 9 July)

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