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On rdf:parseType non-qualified values. DAML+OIL annotation on the same subject. Manuel Vázquez Acosta (Tuesday, 22 June)

Fw: Inconsistency in RDF spec Dave Beckett (Tuesday, 22 June)

International MBA Business Tours and Careers in China IMBAClub (Monday, 21 June)

[www-rdf-comments] <none> Sunandan (Tuesday, 15 June)

Custom 3D animation to fit your budget. Uvidea Productions Creative Director (Tuesday, 15 June)

Hidden message Swick (Sunday, 13 June)

Links edwardbnewman@hotmail.com (Wednesday, 14 January)

Auslaenderkriminalitaet steigt weiter! connolly@w3.org (Thursday, 10 June)

Re: Msg reply Swick (Saturday, 5 June)

minor typo Benjamin Nowack (Friday, 4 June)

10GB海量管理资料 First Class Manager (Thursday, 3 June)

Incoming message Swick (Thursday, 3 June)

10GB海量管理资料 First Class Manager (Monday, 31 May)

10GB海量管理资料 First Class Manager (Saturday, 29 May)

Re: Hi Swick (Wednesday, 26 May)

Site changes Swick (Tuesday, 25 May)

[www-rdf-comments] <none> Leonardo Romero (Saturday, 22 May)

Low Fixed Cost No. 1 Search Engine Ranking for keywords related to "porn" Exp21 (Saturday, 22 May)

Re: SKINCURE info Redgrwl@aol.com (Friday, 9 April)

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