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Planet's Orbits (added: 1-Nov-2001)
Planet's Orbits (for Windows 95/98/ME) is an accurate
digital orrery with a wealth of functionality. The most
noteworthy functions are date specification (past, future),
2D/3D orbital animation and custom zoom, orbits of 10000+
C88 (added: 1-Nov-2001)
C88 provides detailed informations about the celestial
sphere objects, visible with naked eyes and for the use of
an eyepiece of a modest amateur telescope to observe deep
sky objects. 
Offshore CHAOS (added: 3-Nov-2001)
Create your confidential data archive your offshore trusts
and companies, accounts and offshore investments). CHAOS
provides privacy of offshore banking, investments and
related financial services. CHAOS' doors is opened in a
world of safety!
IBasic V1.2 Programming Language (added: 3-Nov-2001)
Write Windows 95/98/NT programs with easy to use IBasic
language. Great for students and beginners. Powerful enough
for advanced programmers. IBasic features a syntax similar
to BASIC with all the power of Windows. Built in editor and
debugger. No external libraries required. Full MDI (Multiple
Document Interface) support. Dynamic window,dialog and
control creation.
Google Toolbar (added: 3-Nov-2001)
The Google Toolbar is available free of charge and includes
these great features:
Google Search: Access Google's search technology from any
web page.
Search Site: Search only the pages of the site you're
PageRank: See Google's ranking of the current page.
Fractal Zoomer 3.0 (added: 5-Nov-2001)
A program that calculates over 30 fractals. It has a map
that shows how you have zoomed.

Fractal Zoomer screen saver (added: 5-Nov-2001)
A screen saver that zoomes on many different fractals. It is
a plug in for Fractal Zoomer 3.0.

Internet Sweeper (added: 5-Nov-2001)
Internet Sweeper erases unneeded files which take up
hard disk space after using the Internet. Automatically
runs when computer boots or user logs in. Erases the
Cache, History, Cookies, Addresses, Messages, Forms,
and Temporary Files.
FreeCard 2.0 (added: 5-Nov-2001)
FreeCard lets you create electronic greeting cards with
graphics or video, text, music and sound to send with e-mail
or on diskettes. Greeting cards are made into Windows
executable files and they expand, play, and clean up
automatically on target PCs. 
Shutdown Countdown v1.03 (added: 5-Nov-2001)
Shutdown Countdown indicates the amount of time and the
type of shutdown (complete shutdown, complete restart,
Windows restart, or Log Off) and shows the countdown so
that when the timer reaches zero, the computer will shut
down. If you need to shutdown or restart your computer
after a certain time period then this could be just what you
are looking for.

Yahoo! Essentials (added: 6-Nov-2001)
Customized for new and current Yahoo! users
 Install Yahoo! Messenger, Yahoo! Companion, and Yahoo!
Messenger Explorer Bar in one easy step
 Send and receive instant messages directly from Internet
 Personalize Internet Explorer with easier access to Yahoo!
Done2000 v1 (added: 6-Nov-2001)
is a powerful ToDo List and Personal Task Management System
compatible with Windows 95 and above. Done2000 v1 was
developed for you and your family, but could easily be used
in a small business. It follows a specific philosophy that
will provide you with a list of what you CAN accomplish in
the order it SHOULD get done.
panFora Lite v1.4 (added: 7-Nov-2001)
panFora is a full featured, high performance Web-based
collaboration tool excelling at file sharing and discussion
forum functions. Operating more like a desktop application
than a web application, it utilizes a combination of
innovations that maximize usability and navigation control.
Visual IRC v2.0pre10 (added: 7-Nov-2001)
Visual IRC, or ViRC for short, is a scriptable next-
generation IRC (Internet communications) client, currently
available in 16-bit and 32-bit flavours. ViRC combines top-
notch functionality and features found in few other IRC
clients with unparalleled ease of use.

Calendar 2000 (added: 7-Nov-2001)
Calendar 2000 is a small utility that will display a monthly
calendar on the Windows desktop. The calendar is similar to
the one found in most checkbooks.
You can also define your own holidays and important dates,
but Calendar 2000 is not a full-blown time scheduler.
YoGen Vocal Remover v1.07 (added: 7-Nov-2001)
YoGen Vocal Remover is a stand-alone (not a plug-in) program
that removes vocals from wave files (PCM type) under Windows
95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP. It allows you to save vocal removed
sound to disk. This software tries to remove any monophonic
components from stereo music. So, 
Active Backup Expert Pro (added: 7-Nov-2001)
An easily mastered tool creates the automated or manual
backups of local and network files in .zip format on hard
disks, CDs and other removable devices, in a local or a wide
AAA MP3 CD Maker v1.50 (added: 7-Nov-2001)
AAA MP3 CD Maker is the best CD burner(CD writer) software.
It can convert MP3 files to WAV files and burn WAV files to
CD tracks. With our program, you can listen your favoriate
MP3 or WAV songs on regular stereo, car CD players, and so
on. It supports over 1200 CDR/RW drives and 42 languages.

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