Re: RDF Issue rdfms-syntax-desc-clarity

Brian McBride wrote:
> In
> you raised an issue with the RDF M&S spec which was recorded in
> [...] the WG are rewriting the syntax documents
> from scratch and using a technique based on an infoset grammar to describe
> the syntax, which addresses the lack of clarity of the original syntax
> specification. [...]
> Please can you respond to this message, copying
> stating whether this is an acceptable resolution of the issue.

Yes, the new formalism in the Editor's Draft

    <URL: >

is *much* better.  In particular, the distinction between
'resourcePropertyElt', 'literalPropertyElt', and (presumably,
once it's fully described, 'emptyPropertyElt') answers my 
original question.

This also answers another question I had concerning the
interpretation of unprefixed attributes (rdf:ID vs. ID).

--Joe English

Received on Monday, 5 November 2001 13:02:45 UTC