RE: refactoring RDF/XML Syntax

>     o it has removed redundancy in the grammar, as you commented above.
>     o it has decided that partial descriptions of containers are legal
>     o it has removed containers from the formal model section of
> the RDF model

Actually, kind of sounds like you all removed the formal model from the
original specification in its entirety, any way.
> The WG has not completed considering containers.  There are no
> plans at present
> to drop them from the specification.  Note that other
> specifications make use of
> them (CC/PP), which would make removing them, shall we say, controversial.

People do tend to get pesky when you make modifications to something they've
already used, or implemented.

>  >
>  > Do you see a M & S 1.1 in the next year?
> Depends on what you mean by M&S 1.1.

Will there be a public announcement at the W3C of a RDF Syntax Specification
draft and recommendation, since it seems you're pulling model into a
separate document? One that supercedes the existing recommended RDF Model
and Syntax specification?

The RDFCore WG is behind
> schedule and the
> schedule is currently being updated.  I hope to have an updated
> schedule within
> a month.

I'm really looking forward to seeing the new schedule.



> Brian

Received on Tuesday, 16 October 2001 09:52:41 UTC