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NetStudio Easy Web Graphics Standard (added: 10-Sep-2001)
Why struggle with Photoshop when NetStudio Easy Web Graphics
does all you need in 10 minutes? * Styles and templates give
you instant results * Only the Web features you need and
none of the confusing ones you don't * Works like Microsoft
Office so it's easy to use WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING 'Replaced
Photoshop... Incredibly fast and easy...

Zoner GIF Animator 4 (added: 9-Sep-2001)
Zoner GIF Animator 4 is powerful tool for creating animated
graphics for Internet presentations and animated advertising
banners with possibility to optimize output animations. Main
features: internal support for text frames including
advanced editing functions, easy editing the animation
frames, dragging and dropping the frames, easy definition of
animation borders and its locking, frame printing, intuitive
user interface.

Quick Heal v6.02 (added: 10-Sep-2001)
Quick Heal - Indispensable weapon against viruses, worms and
New In This Version :
- Eudora Plugin for realtime scanning
- MS Office XP Intergrated Protection
- Scanning exe inside OLE files
- Live Update & Messenger made easy for Proxy, Cable, ISDN,
Leased Line.

txt2pdf (added: 10-Sep-2001)
txt2pdf is a very flexible program.  It allows you to
convert all your old .TXT files to PDF format.  It can be
used on it's own, or you can use it with other applications
to convert your documents on the fly.

Don't Panic! 4.0 (added: 10-Sep-2001)
Keep your PC private with this Privacy Suite for Internet
Explorer, Netscape and AOL browsers!

Resize Browser v1.00 (added: 10-Sep-2001)
Resize Browser is a small utility that will resize your
Internet browser window. Great utility for a web developer.

Random Wallpaper Changer v1.02 (added: 10-Sep-2001)
Random Wallpaper Changer is a completely hidden wallpaper
changer that is very powerful yet easy to setup and use.

TN3270 Plus (added: 10-Sep-2001)
A fast, powerful and inexpensive telnet client application.
TN3270 Plus connects Windows PCs to IBM mainframe, AS/400,
and UNIX systems via TCP/IP. TN3270 Plus delivers 3270,
5250, VT100, VT220 and ANSI terminal emulation and 3287
printer emulation. Advanced features include keyboard
mapping, multiple sessions, macros, scripts, DDE, WinHLLAPI,
LPD and SSL. All packaged in a lightweight, reliable and
easy to use product.

Web site and web server monitoring by (added: 12-Sep-2001)
Professional web site and web server monitoring  services to
ensure they are  up and functioning properly 24/7. Free
service availbale.

CASE Studio 2 (added: 12-Sep-2001)
CASE Studio 2 is a professional database design tool. It is
designed to create ER diagrams easily for various database
systems - Oracle, DB2, MS SQL, mySQL, Sybase Anywhere,
Interbase and so on. CASE Studio is also designed to create
Features include a Version manager; UNIVERSAL reverse
engineering; User-defined TEMPLATES, data dictionaries,
reverse engineering, ER-diagram transfers, creation of
detailed HTML reports etc.

Quask (added: 12-Sep-2001)
Quask Formcaster is easy to use and gives you truly amazing
looking web forms. Use FormCaster for employee surveys,
customer satisfaction surveys, general questionnaires, forms
and market research. It covers the entire survey process
from form design, distribution, data collection through to
the analysis of your data.
Quask uses unique Interactive Images (Emoticons) in addition
to the available standard survey tools

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