Re: rdf schemas 4 XML-Info, PSVI, & Schema components

> so far, i've found only an RDF schema for the xml infoset and the
> collection of xml schema related to the "xml serialization for infosets"
> effort, but found no rdf schemas for PSVI and Schema Components.

Sorry for not replying earlier, I was away last week.

We don't have an RDF schema for the PSVI, though we plan to write one
when we have time.  We have *XML* schemas for both the basic and PSV
infosets, which you can find at

(There will be a W3C Note about this when I get round to it.)

I wrote a (probably now out-of-date) stylesheet to convert basic
infosets serialized according to that schema into documents matching
the basic infoset RDF schema, and something similar could be done
for the PSV serialization.

-- Richard

Received on Monday, 2 July 2001 10:53:03 UTC