Greetings !

We have noticed the presence of your company from our friends and would like to offer our services to you. My name is Oleg, and I`m the lead artist of the XenoForm workgroup. We are a recently founded team of professionals formed of designers, artists, web-designers, and programmers. Presently, XenoForm employs seven people. 

At XenoForm, we are 3D artists, HTML/XML web programmers, musicians and sound engineers, and experts in video composition and computer animation. Everyone on the XenoForm team is an artist and expert in his own field, with talents that cross over to other areas. Each XenoForm member has over 5 years' experience in his respective field. Everyone here has general familiarity with the industry standard professional program suites and applications used to create modern multimedia. You can see many examples of our work at http://www.xenoform.net. 

XenoForm is based in the former Soviet Union, where highly skilled work has a value estimated far below contracts of similar quality performed elsewhere Europe or the USA. This means that XenoForm is uniquely poised to assist the creation of your multimedia with the maximum return on your investment in our services. We maintain close communications with our project liasons to keep you involved in the stages of progress, ensuring mutual understanding of the tasks we  provide. Our experts are ready to work night and day to satisfy all possible requirements to the work assigned to us. Work on your project will be not cease until every aspect of our product meets your satisfaction.

When the construction of your project is completed, we don't consider our job to be over. If you ever need an addition, correction, or alteration, XenoForm will gladly improve on our previous projects as our clients require.

We offer highly professional and qualified work in the following areas: 

Traditional design

* Graphic design, visual concept, composition 
* Custom graphics creation and image processing
* High-end printable media creation (presentation materials, production packaging, labels etc.) 

Web-design and programming 

* Custom graphics, image processing, and optimized images for Internet use
* HTML and XML page layout, including creation of style, patterns, and systems to quickly update customer projects
* Java and JavaScript programming for special effects and web page interfacing
* Macromedia FLASH - both high-grade sites on Flash and custom-made elements (flash intro, interfaces, animation, soundtracks, effects) 
* Programming on a server - oriented languages like PHP, PERL, ASP, DHTML scripting and mechanisms for interactive pages, service of databases and search systems
* Creation of databases for SQL-based applications and integration with user pages, including filling of databases and creation of interactive information processing systems

3D graphics 

* Professional model creation to any degree of complexity (for use in many 3D-packages or CAD systems)
* Modeling complex static or animated 3D-scenes and characters
* Interior modeling (such as rooms and buildings)
* Creation of high-grade 3D video clips for cinema, TV, and multimedia
* Creation of low-poly models optimized for computer games on any of existing platforms and 3D internet oriented browser plug-ins, for example VRML and Shockwave 3D

Video and audio

* Professional nonlinear video composition (we can combine live video and computer animations of any type!)
* Musical composition and sound effects
* Professional audio-composition and processing. Creation custom-made musical tracks for broadcast video and radio, flash-presentations etc.

Average monthly productivity 

With our present resources and team members, XenoForm can make up to five web sites of average complexity in a single month. This workload does not restrict other projects, we can also create 3D models, animation, and video clips in the same time frame. The audio studio is independent from these two business lines and is capable of producing up to 30 soundtracks per month for other clients. 

Contact us 

You can contact via e-mail: info@xenoform.net
Visit our site: http://www.xenoform.net 
Mirror: http://xenoform.hip-hop.ru

Sincerely Yours, 
Oleg, Lead artist of XenoForm team.

Received on Tuesday, 26 June 2001 02:58:16 UTC