Re: SiRPAC error in reify()

On Sun, Jun 10, 2001 at 04:39:13PM +0200, Alberto Reggiori wrote:

Hi Alberto,

> SiRPAC seems to generate literal values for the subject property when
> creating the 4 new triples of the reification of a statement.

Thanks for reporting this defect and especially for the patch.
I have checked in your fix, updated the online service and
created an updated JAR file:

> Anyway, your on-line demo at
> seems 
> generating the right resource node (even if it claims to use the 1.17
> version above).

The service was using the same parser that was in the 1.17 JAR.  The 
difference is that the service's table layout was creating anchors for 
the objects and this masked the defect.

> The following patch fixed the problem for me

Since this defect has existed for over two years, it does make
me wonder if any of the SiRPAC-based applications are using reification 
and if so, in what way do they use it.  But that's a different thread :-).


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