Greetings & Info

-apologies if you receive this by mistake.
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I am sending this out to let you all know
about future updates to the website
coming soon.... end of summer 2001!!

Also to invite you all to
check out upcoming info

Poetry (written & spoken word)
by Jamarhl Crawford
Books, CDs, MP3s, internet video
Strictly conscious Hip-Hop
from UNO The Prophet
CDs, MP3s, internet video
More Culturally Conscious products and info
Books, CDs, Films, Commentaries, etc.
info on various events nationwide,
business & graphic design services;
flyers, bus. cards, brochures, posters.
weblinks to hot sites, chat, network, etc.
free downloads, files, images

**future emails will be informative, brief, to the point
and culturally relevant. no foolishness, no clutter.
This is not a group,I will not send out excessive emails**


please support Black Entrepeneurs

If you received this by mistake or if you feel you
would not be interested in receiving minimal future
emails regarding the cultural information described above,
please accept my apology for disturbing you and reply to
this message with the subject "remove me" and you will
not be included in future emailings. Your presence will be
missed. Apologies again.

Received on Sunday, 10 June 2001 15:02:12 UTC