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RE: RDF Abstract Syntax: a strawman

From: Jonathan Borden <jborden@mediaone.net>
Date: Fri, 25 May 2001 23:20:19 -0400
To: "David Allsopp" <dallsopp@signal.dera.gov.uk>
Cc: <www-rdf-logic@w3.org>, <www-rdf-comments@w3.org>
Message-ID: <000001c0e592$ca903c10$0201a8c0@ne.mediaone.net>
David Allsopp wrote:

> Jonathan Borden wrote:
> >
> > I have written a brief strawman proposal defining an RDF
> Abstract Syntax.
> >
> > http://www.openhealth.org/RDF/RDFAbstractSyntax.html
> You write:
> "The index gives the index of a statement within a context in document
> order. The index allows preservation of statement order as if each RDF
> <Description> defines a container, and folds the RDF concept of
> container directly into the RDF Abstract Syntax."
> Is it implicit that a single context only contains data from one
> document?

a context is a URI reference. it would probably come from one document but
not necessarily.

If not, how can 'document order' be preserved?  What if a
> second document adds triples to a container?

i suppose the index would be incremented as statements are added to the
model much as how a container is handled in RDF M&S 1.0.

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