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Bringing Jews together - JDate.com

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At www.JDate.com, we've dedicated our efforts to a single mission: to
build and promote a globally accessible community in which Jewish
singles of all ages, interested in meeting and marrying within the
faith, could comfortably find romance and friendship.  

Today, with nearly 250,000 members around the world, growing by 10,000
each month, www.JDate.com is the global leader in bringing Jewish
singles together.  

You too can join us in our efforts to strengthen our global community. 
It's easy and well worth the effort - to you and to our community.  

Here's how:

*If you're Jewish and single, register for a free trial of our service
at www.JDate.com

*Tell your single Jewish friends and colleagues about www.JDate.com,
it's free to register and as easy as forwarding this message

*If you have a web site, become a www.JDate.com affiliate and share in
our success as well as our mission (see the button at the bottom of our
home page)

Together we can make a difference, ensuring our precious traditions are
carried on for many generations to come.



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