Re: Reification

Hi Aaron,

Thanks once again for bringing our attention to an issue.  And thanks
Drew for taking the time to write a clear description of the problem.

I'm very keen that the RDFCore WG tackle the issues raised by the logic
community that lie within its remit.  I've been wondering how best to
capture them in our issues list.

My current plan is to seek the help of the RDFCore WG members who are
also active in the DAML community in producing an update to the issues
list.  I'll make sure I draw their attention to this thread.


Aaron Swartz wrote:
> Drew McDermott <> wrote:
> > At the risk of repeating myself and others, let me expand on why
> > reification is a bad idea, at least for most of the purposes it
> > has been suggested for.
> Drew, many thanks for this clear and helpful description of the issues.
> Brian, can we link this in to the issues list? I think this will be quite
> helpful to the WG.
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Received on Monday, 23 April 2001 15:54:28 UTC