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The M&S, in section 6, while discussing the abbreviated attribute syntax,
claims that: 

> 3.    r2 is the resource named by the resource attribute if present or a new
> resource. If the ID attribute is given it is the identifier of this new
> resource.

As Dave Beckett kindly pointed out, this contradicts the previous definition
of the ID attribute, which was to provide an identifier for the reified
statement. Thus, the M&S is unclear on the meaning of this attribute, since
it defines it twice.

Test case:

<rdf:Description rdf:about="#x">
    <a:b rdf:ID="bar" />


<rdf:Description rdf:about="#x" a:c="bar">
    <a:b rdf:ID="bar" />

Since this section specifies treatment of the attribute syntax, some
interpretations of the spec may believe that these rules are only to be
followed when the abbreviated syntax is used.

This may partially be the cause of confusion in
#rdfms-not-id-and-resource-attr and so may be related. Please add this to
the issues list. Thanks.

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