Re: Sirpac Errors?

Art Barstow <> wrote:

>> I think the object of the triples should be:
>> online:#n1 instead of online:##n1, and
>> online:#n2 instead of online:##n2
> The servlet chooses to use "online:#" as the document's base
> [if Parse RDF is selected].  Perhaps it should not use
> anything or use "online:" but it is consistent.

Well, the online: prefix isn't defined (which means it probably shouldn't be
used -- hint, hint) but it would seem likely that the # would be interpreted
as a fragment identifier, meaning that the correct URIs are as suggested
above. (see, since the base namespace has a default fragment, that is
removed and replaced with the new fragment).

So while it may be internally consistent, it is incompatible with current
URI usage.

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Received on Monday, 2 April 2001 09:55:59 UTC