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UML to COM for Visual C++ and C++

From: Mavroudi Alexandra <adamav@arion.gr>
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2000 13:46:15 +0300
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Are you writing applications using the COM middleware with Visual C++?
Are you designing your models using Rational Rose? 


Try out beta 2 release of UML2COM and see miracles. Save time and money.  No obligations.


  a.. Let UML2COM take all the advantages of C++ and COM middleware, discard their disadvantages when generating code. Clean and neat code that doesn't appear in either Rational Rose models nor Visual C++ projects. 
  b.. UML2COM gives from one hand the C++ advantages such as, the ability to full implement the design models (UML), the implementation inheritance,  and COM from the other hand gives weak relationship between client and supplier objects, the ability to remote accessing objects, avoiding all the changes needed to the code when an interface is modified, avoiding twisting the function signature (return HRESULT) etc. 
  c.. Implementation inheritance for UML2COM is not only what C++ defines, but additionally inheritance of all the interfaces that are realized from parent classes and event publication.
  d.. UML2COM works with smart pointers instead of raw pointers, so memory leaks and invalid pointers messages are disappeared. Garbage collection problem is sorted. Stop worrying about deleting objects in C++ and AddRef(), QueryInterface(), Release() functions in COM. Wrapper classes for variable length data types can be used additionally to the interfaces declarations such as _bstr_t and _variant_t.
  e.. Create COM Classes and Interfaces and change them as many times as you like. UML2COM will generate the appropriate code for you.
  f.. Find out how UML2COM works by visiting the http://www.arion.gr/uml2com/theory/index.htm and start using it from today.
  g.. Check on our sample application at http://www.arion.gr/uml2com/sample.htm now. Find out how you can save your valuable time.
UML2COM beta 2 release is available for download depending on the Rational Rose product you use. Check on the appropriate link and get a copy today. 

Depending on the Rational Rose version you use download UML2COM now.  

Rational Rose 98 at http://www.arion.gr/uml2com/program/setup98.zip


Rational Rose 2000 at http://www.arion.gr/uml2com/program/setup2k.zip


Rational Rose 2000e at http://www.arion.gr/uml2com/program/setup2ke.zip


UML2COM beta 2 release is limited to 90 days evaluation. 

Best Regards,

Yiannis Patrikiadis
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