Re: RDF: Ya got that wrong!

At 08:19 AM 9/20/2000 -0600, Tom Margolis wrote:
>Here's what you meant to write:
>2.3.3 rdfs:subPropertyOf
>... If some property P1 is a subPropertyOf another more general property P2,
>and if a resource A has a P1 property with a value B, this implies that the
>resource A also has a P2 property with value B. 

Indeed.  That error was corrrected in subsequent revisions to
the document.  Had you followed the 'newest version' link you
would (as of this moment) have reached the document
version dated 27 March 2000.

Thank you for submitting the correction, however.

Received on Wednesday, 20 September 2000 11:22:38 UTC