African American "Snail Mail" Marketing List

We now offer an exclusive (snail) mailing list of people who have
purchased African American goods and received them via mail. These
persons support African American business with their $$$. This list
works because every person on this list has recently purchased
African American goods through mail order or online shopping. This
list has been carefully compiled and offered now for the very FIRST
time. Don't miss this special offer. Be one of the FIRST black
entreprenuers to use this fresh list and  make it work for your business.

The mailing list contains the names and street addresses of persons
who have purchased African American goods online. It comes on a 3.5"
diskette in database form that can be printed directly on envelopes 
and postcards. Each list contains at least 10% extra names so that 
you can reach your target amount.

500 NAMES:     $25 (unlimited use)

1000 NAMES:    $50 (unlimited use)

Call 888-330-4919 to order your list. Act quickly 
and you can be one of the very first to use this list.

Received on Friday, 8 September 2000 18:43:57 UTC