aboutEachPrefix: drop or specify via startsWith

Forgive me if this is already registered as an issue
somehow, but I tried for 15 minutes or so to find it
in the RDF errata/comments and failed.

re 3.4. Containers Defined By A URI Pattern
which doesn't appear in the TOC, but section 3 does:

Stefan writes:

Posting  0068 listed some other well known questions, where
is needed: 

     aboutEachPrefix: handling aboutEachPrefix inside the model results
     immediatly in an infinite model. This is clearly unactptable if the
     is handled as an extension, which is e.g. done by SiRPAC or GINF.
     There are two possibilities to handle this: 
             1.To drop aboutEachPrefix from RDF. 
             2.To handle aboutEachPrefix as what is is: an intensional
               definition (aka rule) ala 
               triple(Subject,Predicate, Object) <-
               and startswith(Prefix,Subject).
     Either way, the current status is clearly unacceptable. 


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