Re: using SiRPAC problem

Ernan wrote:
> can it be an evn problem I have? since it is strange that
> I have to use the "-classpath ." but if i dont use it, nothing
> workes. it is strange since afew days ago stuff worked without
> using the '.' , I dont know what changed.

check your environment variable CLASSPATH,
it should contain '.' or the absolute path containing SiRPAC

> BTW: I use xml4j ver xml4j_2_0_15 .

I'm using xml4j_1_1_4,
because I couldn't have SiRPAC working with 2_0_xx .

May be that's the cause of your problem

 hope this'll help


Received on Wednesday, 3 November 1999 03:12:08 UTC