The Powerful Web Database Building Tools

Dear sir, madam

I'm a president of DaZone Tech Inc. in KOREA.
I'm very glad to introduce our product, WebDbBuilder - 
The Powerful Web Database Building Tools.

The WebDbBuilder's demo version is available now for FREE immediate download
from our website, or .

We are also looking for the overseas distributors.

WebDbBuilder Overview
Internet applications based on Web Database such as
Intranet System, Homepage and Bulletin Board System
     are builded effortlessly and effectively
           by the powerful WebBuilder.
  WebDbBuilder is a complete framework for integrating Web and database technologies. 
WebDbBuilder includes development tools plus packaged software modules for key functions. 
  They are all designed to make WebDbBuilder the most practical system for building 
Web-database applications such as various kinds of  bulletin board system, web photo 
database, guest database, product database, scrap book, electronic documents storing 
system and so on.  An incredibly powerful and wonderful web site based on the database 
can be built effortlessly, effectively and quickly by  WebDbBuilder.

   WebDbBuilder has been designed to be easy to use for even a person who does'nt know 
what the database is and what the web is. 
   The installation program of WebDbBuilder copies CGI and HTML files of WebDbBuilder 
into your machine. In addition, the installation program may copy the apache web server 
automatically if any web server is not found on the machine
   Finally, the installation program setups or re-configures the web server to be linked 
with CGI and HTML files of WebDbBuilder so as for WebDbBuilder to be connected by the IP address 
or the URL address of the web server.
   From now, an administrator or sysop can connect  and see ADMINISTRATOR¡¯s Menu Screen 
of WebDbBuilder through the web browser, for instance Netscape¡¯s navigator or MS¡¯s exploler, 
to build his own databases and related HTML forms effortlessly, effectively and quickly.

   The packaged software, WebDbBuilder has it¡¯s own database, MS-ACCESS for Windows/95/98/NT 
and PostgreSQL for Linux. And WebDbBuilder has the apache web server to installs it on the machine 
on which any web server is not installed. Besides, WebDbBuilder supports a wide range 
of databases connectivity via native calls to Informix, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase and so on.

Main Functions

1. Easy to install and manage on the Web.
   - Installation program constructs a internet Web site on your system just in 10 miniutes.
2. Easy to create/modify tree menu, sub folder and db folder.
3. Easy to build Web page which database is needed.
   - Various type of fields - string, integer, date and etc. - is created easily.
   - Various type of HTML forms - viewing form, posting form, listing form and 
     searching form - is created/modified indivisualy.
   - Items or fields for the above forms, images and buttons are selected as needed.
   - File attachements and image database capability for each form can be added additionally.
     (This can be used as Document Management/Storage System or Image Database Management System.)
   - Various type of data entries - radio, combo, edit, memo - is created/modified easily.
   - Member's registration form or database is created/modified easily.
4. Various Relational DB Conectivity.
   - MS-Access DB is provided as default for Windows95/98/NT Version.
   - PostgreSQL DB is provided as default for Linux/UNIX Version.
   - Conectivity with other RDB, PostgreSQL, MS-SQL Server, Oracle and etc., is supported.
5. Import and export database and html GUI forms related.
   - Import or Export, enables for Web Databases already made by someone to be used widely 
     by WebDbBuilder's users. Especially Import function enables to build a similar Web Database quickly 
     with one already made. 
       On the our homepage, we are providing about 100 kinds of sample Web databases for import.
6. Changing Icons and background colors
   - An administrator can easily change icons and background colors of a certain form to make his own web site.
7. Post Hot News
   - An administrator can post Hot News on the WebDbBuilder¡¯s home page without writing HTML source code.
     The posted hot news disappears automatically from the WebDbBuilder¡¯s home page at the expiry of posting.
8. Various user's functions.
   - Post, update, delete, search, reply, sort and circulate the data and upload and downlod files or images.
   - Send a mail to the specfic member or group and check if it has been arrived and read.
   - Search data posted currently(What's New function).
9. Various management functions
   - Configure user group, closed user group(CUG) based on each folder.
   - Configure user access level and IPs permitted to use.
   - Start/stop/resume to use on a specific member.
   - Post Hot News on the home page without writing HTML source code.
   - Statistical log data can be shown in various kind of summary.
10. Multilingual System
   - Add languages easily for even a non-programmer just only through writing text message file.
11. Various options
   - Full Text Retrival Engine, Exam. Builder, WebShopingMall Builder
12. Various OS platforms
   - Windows95/98/NT(Intel and Alpha Chip), UNIX and Linux.

* OS
   - Windows95/98/NT (Intel, Alpha or compatible chip)
   - UNIX or Linux
* HTTP Web Server(Not necessary)
   - Apache Web Server is included.
* DataBase Management System(Not Necessary)
   - MS-ACCESS DB is included for Windows95/98/NT.
   - PostgreSQL DB is included for Linux/UNIX.


In addition to this, there are many powerful and surprising functions in the WebDbBuilder.
We would apprecite your visiting our DaZone's homepage to verify them.

Best regards 
Yun Jong Kang

tel : +82-2-596-6181
fax : +82-2-596-6162

DaZone Tech Inc.
KwangMoon Bldg. 1707-3, Seochodong Seochogu Seoul KOREA 137-070

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