Health & Nutrition Consulting Training Seminar Arriving Soon

International Health Consulting is please to announce a 2-day training seminar for anyone interested in Health-Nutritional Consulting.

This training seminar will greatly enhance your ability to consult clients in Health and Nutrition and it includes the following courses:

 How to perform a comprehensive health assessment
 The role of Iridology in Health counseling 
 How to interpret hair analysis, stool and digestive analysis 
 The art of Nutritional Counseling 
 Basics in Biochemistry and Physiology 
 Stress and Emotional influences on Illnesses 
 Fundamentals of Human Nutrition 
 How to identify food allergies and more . . .

Expert speakers include:
Dr. Henry Hochberg, M.D.,  Dr. Raymond Dent, N.D.,  and Kathy Parslow, M.S., CNN. 

Place: 		Northgate Ramada Inn, Northgate Way, Seattle, WA
Date: 		Feb. 27-28, 1999
Fees:		$295.00

Special: 	10% off if registered before January 31st, 1999

For more information, please browse our website:

To register, please call Denae at (800) 456-4325 during normal business hours, PST, or visit our website and register online.
Seats are limited, so register early.


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