SiRPAC bug report: relative URIs unresolved


The RDF M&S spec defines triples as triple(res,property,value) where
value may be a URI reference or a literal, and res and property are URI

The output from SiRPAC doesn't always produce URIs in the appropriate
places: for example, generated node identifiers (genid_6 etc) for
"anonymous" nodes. Also, relative URIs (and namespace refs, though I'm
unsure about legality of trying that!) and resources identified only by
ID within the RDF/XML do not produce triples that contain URIs.

I'm not sure what's best to do here. Seems a bit over-the-top to create
uuid: URIs for each anonymous node. The URI specification[1] defines
four rules for derriving absolute from relative URIs + context, and
includes warnings about 'meaningless' relative URIs. It includes
provision for 'application specific' rules for creating full URIs as a
last resort. This might be worth considering in cases where the RDF/XML
doc being parsed has no obvious URI.

Perhaps an additional parameter for SiRPAC might be 'baseURI', so that
the calling context could pass in a URI against which relative URIs
should be considered?




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Received on Monday, 21 December 1998 15:20:49 UTC