Dear Sir or Ma'am,

I appreciate your efforts in the development and explanation of RDF
and look forward to the the utilization of RDF across the world wide
web. As that day approaches, I hope that your group will publish
public documents that explain to web developers and designers how
to implement RDF into web pages. Perhaps, explanations and examples
that describe the values and meanings of each definition in a simple

For example:

The following RDF code will describe the page's creator and title:
(Hopefully, I got it right.)

<rdf:Description rdf:HREF="http://www.5beans.com/default.htm">
<corp:Title>Eye Candy WWW Site Reviews</corp:Title>

Stan Faryna

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Fax 1.703.573.2398

Received on Tuesday, 10 November 1998 14:03:43 UTC