Re: Draft query: reified statements

(Ora Lassila previously replied privately to John; this message
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At 04:23 PM 9/10/98 -0400, John Cowan wrote:
>The draft does not make clear whether an explicitly written reified
>statement (i.e. a resource with the four properties instanceOf,
>propName, propObj, and value) is necessarily asserted by RDF.

The statement and the reified statement are independent; either
can exist in the model instance without the other and they are
not interchangable.  The fact asserted by a statement is part
of the model if and only if the statement is in the model.

>In formal terms, can we infer from the presence in the set Triples of:
>	{instanceOf, [x], RDF:Property}
>	{propName, [x], p}
>	{propObj, [x], r}
>	{value, [x], v}
>that {p, r, v} is also present in Triples?

no, this is not a valid inference in RDF.

>  If not, this should be

We will add more words to this effect.

Thank you for your suggestions.

-Ralph R. Swick

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