Comments to the latest RDF specs


Here a few little hints to the latest RDF specs.
Sorry if I misunderstood anything.

RDF Model and Syntax Spec (20 July 1998)

In Chapter 3.3:
In other words, what is the object the statement is referring to.
-> "?" at the end is missing :-)

RDF Schema Spec (14 August 1998)

In Chapter 4:
... Since RDF schemas are expressed within the RDF data model, other namespaces may
be used to provider richer documentation.
-> to provide(r) ... the "r" is to much or?

In Chapter 6:
-> In figure 2 and 3 the legend seems to be missing (there was one in the last draft ...).

In C.23:
In the current draft, constraints on property types (range and necessity) apply across all uses of the property type. 
-> (range and domain) 
   necessity was replaced by domain in last draft

And a few questions:
In the RDF Model and Syntax spec is said: "... Property names must always be associated with a schema".

How it the relation in the future between the RDF Schema and an actual RDF instance (is this the correct naming?) of
that schema defined in terms of:
Do I always need a RDF schema for a RDF instance (like a DTD for SGML) or is it not absolutely necessary
"to have really one created" at the "required" URI to the schema (like a DTD is not absolutely necessary for XML)?

Will there be RDF processors in the future able to validate an RDF instance against the RDF schema like DTD's in XML?
If, what is the behavior in an error case?

All the best
 Juergen Modre

 Are there any good examples anywhere showing an RDF schema and examples
 corresponding to this schema in the RDF Syntax.
 Perhaps also with graphics illustrating it better.

 BTW: Maybe such an example would be of interest to be included
 in the next spec.

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