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CalConnect Roundtable VI -- May 22-25, Cambridge, Massachusetts - The Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium

From: Dave Thewlis <Dave.Thewlis@calconnect.org>
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2006 13:43:30 -0700
Message-ID: <443D6672.2040807@calconnect.org>
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*Come to Cambridge for CalConnect's Sixth Roundtable!*

This is a reminder that The Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium's 
Roundtable VI and associated interoperability testing event will be 
hosted by IBM/Lotus in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on May 22-25.  
Registration is now open for both the Roundtable and the IOP testing 
event (see below). 

The *interoperability testing event* will be all day Monday, May 22, and 
Tuesday morning the 23rd.  This event will offer IOP testing against the 
RFCs and extensive CalDAV testing, and will also focus on testing 
Free/Busy support.

The Consortium will offer a *Practicum on Tuesday morning* from 
9:30-12:00 to all Roundtable registrants (member representatives and 
observers), comprising two one-hour overview/levelset sessions on 
iCalendar Specifications and on CalDAV (the new calendaring access 
protocol).  The goal of these sessions is to provide a basic level of 
familiarity and understanding of iCalendar and CalDAV to any attendees 
who are not involved with the specifications and may wish to know more.

Tuesday afternoon is planned to be an in-depth *workshop on Mobile 
Calendaring*, with the goal of better identifying actual vendor and 
customer requirements for mobile interoperable calendaring and 
scheduling and helping to identify use cases, requirements, and a 
consensus vision statement for mobile calendaring in the future.  The 
workshop will be open to all attendees.

Wednesday, and Thursday morning, will be dedicated to *Technical 
Committee sessions* in areas such as CalDAV, Realtime (calendaring 
server-to-server protocols and requirements), Event Publication,  Use 
Case development, and  Authentication, plus a Plenary meeting of the 
Consortium.  All attendees are welcome to participate in any TC sessions 
which interest them. 

Registration is now open for the IOP testing event and for the 
Roundtable (separate registration required).  For more information and 
logistics see http://www.calconnect.org/roundtable6.html and 

To register for the Roundtable or IOP testing, see 
http://www.calconnect.org/roundtablereg.html (1) and
http://www.calconnect.org/iopreg.html (2).

(1) Please note that if you register by _May 5_ you will get a discount 
on your registration fee for the Roundtable.

(2) If you are a Consortium Member doing interoperability testing, you 
are also eligible for a 10% discount by agreeing to attend three 
consecutive IOP testing events (the discount applies for all three events).

Please contact me if you have any questions. 

See you in May!

Dave Thewlis
*Dave Thewlis, Executive Director
Calconnect - The Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium*
+1 707 840 9391 (voice)  +1 707 498 2238 (mobile)
http://www.calconnect.org  Dave.Thewlis@calconnect.org 
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