xCalendar draft revision submitted (fwd)

Interesting, GRDDL-like approach. I'll forward him a link to GRDDL when
I'm on a better connection (unless someone else would like to do it


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Date: Mon, 10 May 2004 12:03:28 -0400
From: TimHare@comcast.net
To: ietf-calendar@above.proper.com
Subject: xCalendar draft revision submitted

I'd like to announce that I submitted to the Internet Drafts, on 4/14/2004,
revision 5 of an xCalendar document.
I haven't seen it posted on the I-D index yet, though I'm sure that's
coming. In the meantime, I can send a text or html version to anyone that asks.

I did retain all of the original authors of previous drafts as authors in
this document, while accepting responsibility for errors. If you are a
previous author and wish to be removed from the list of authors, please let
me know.

This draft approaches XML calendar from a slightly different perspective
than before. I took as a basic approach that a document could be an XML
calendar document if it had any sort of calendaring information in XML, but
that to be xCalendar compliant it must provide an XSLT transform that can
create an iCalendar text file; and that any "x-" items needed to be handled
by their own XML namespace. This fits with the strengths of XML/XSL/XSLT,
and offers great flexibility to XML developers, while still providing
RFC2445/6-compatible information.

Given that XML is being used extensively in applications today, I think
it's important to have ways to work with it. There are, however, already a
number of XML-based calendaring tools (including Semantic Web items
developed within W3C that use RDF the Resource Description Framework); so I
didn't see anything to be gained by trying to make the representation
within our original drafts the "standard" for XML calendar
representation.  I included the original xCal DTD as an example of one way
to do things, and also included an example XSL stylesheet to transform a
document built according to that DTD into an ".ics" file.

I'm sure there are errors and revisions to be made to this draft.. please,
however, note them on the list, so that all may contribute if they wish.

Tim Hare
Interested Bystander, Non-Inc.

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