Re: revised agenda - IRC RDF calendar meeting Wednesday March 12th 2003,17:00 UTC


On Wednesday, Mar 12, 2003, at 12:45 Europe/Paris, Libby Miller wrote:
> 3. Test data - where's the best place to get it from?
> Libby Miller
> There is a great deal of iCalendar data out there, but most of it is
> generated by apple's iCal program, which has some errors in the way it
> exports to iCalendar.
> thread, and
> esp
> (although apple say that they will fix this:

Note that these issues are actually not compliance problems:
VENDOR-ID is actually valid per RFC ABNF:
I think we will treat it as a SHOULD in the future, but it is as is 
still perfectly valid iCalendar data.

And for the "previously-registered-parameters", this is an ambiguity in 
the specification and should not be an error, this will appear in a 
future specification errata:

However, some other points that can actually cause problems when using 
data from sites like icalshare / myical :
- We (Apple iCal) don't currently export the full VTIMEZONE 
definitions, this will be fixed in a future release
- Some tools (I think mozilla-calendar has/had this issue) export data 
in ISO 8859-1 without setting the CHARSET property accordingly, 
although UTF-8 is the default charset in 2445.



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