RDF calendar IRC meeting report, next meeting

hi all,

The next RDF interest group calendar IRC meeting is 26th Feb 2003, at
17:00 UTC (two weeks' time):


Agenda items to me please.

Our meeting on wednesday 12th Feb resulted in some decisions:


RESOLVED(1.1q4): to use { ical:component a rdf:Property;
ss:rangeIntersects ical:Vevent } to relate calendars to events, e.g. in
the case of multiple calendars in one file. { :cal1 ical:component :ev1.
:cal2 ical:component :ev2 }.


RESOLVED(1.2q.drop): whereas relationship beteween files and
ical:Calendars is not 1-1, drop Vcalendar rdf:about="" from our
icalendar<->RDF mapping.

see http://www.w3.org/2002/12/cal/ for agenda, logs, weblog.

We also had an interesting discussion about recurrence, from Graham
Klyne's suggestion, which resulted in a proposal:


<gk> PROPOSED(2q1): to represent RRULE as ical2rdf.pl,v 1.6 2003/01/22
21:17:12 does, using rrule, freq, byday, and also with interval always
specified. If ics interval is omitted, translation must add interval="1"

<DanCon> narrow the proposal to just the RRULE in
http://www.ninebynine.org/RDFNotes/Calendaring/iCalendarExample.txt , I

This was not resolved but the discussion tended towards agreeing that
this was needed.

I've updated the java ical2rdf with respect to the resolutions (although
not the final proposal yet).




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