A few changes to hybrid.rdf (fwd)

Thanks to Paul for the detailed critique of the 'hybrid' schema (see
forwarded email below). I'm investigating versioning, and hopefully we
can put versions up under the SWAD-Europe datespace on W3C.

Terry, I'm sorry I haven't had time to look at your question properly -
I'll have to go and reread the schema and I haven't had time. Paul's
comments look plausible - he's obviously looked at the schema in great
detail. I'll see what I can do this week.

The calendar workshop [1] (registration [2]) will investigate shorter
versions of the hybrid schema.


[1] http://www.w3.org/2001/sw/Europe/events/200210-cal/
[2] http://cgi.w3.org/Register/selectUser.pl?_w3c_meetingName=swad200210cal

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Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2002 16:50:12 -0400
From: Paul Buhler <pbuhler@cs.cofc.edu>
To: libby.miller@bristol.ac.uk, 'Terry Payne' <trp@ecs.soton.ac.uk>
Subject: A few changes to hybrid.rdf

Hi Libby and Terry,

I have not posted this to the mailing list. If you feel inclined go

Regarding Terry's earlier post Question/Anomaly regarding LOCATION, I
believe LOCATION should be text only. Also LOCATION is not the range of
ALTREP and LANGUAGE, but one of the members of the domain.

Now on to the other issues....

Just a few of the inconsistencies I noticed while beginning to update
the rdf markup of rfc2445.

Problems/Suggestions below:

1. remove VFREEBUSY as a subclass of CAL-COMPONENT
	this leaves CAL-COMPONENT as the super class for VEVENT, VTODO,
	VFREEBUSY, VTIMEZONE, and VALARM are each special in their own

**** Note the following items assume that item 1 was accomplished.

2. add iCalendar:COMMENT ( in RFC 2445)
3. add VALARM to the domain of DESCRIPTION
4. GEO description states a may be textual, this conflicts with the RFC.
Only lat & long as float separated by a ':'
5. GEO should have domain of VEVENT & VTODO
6. GEO-NAME not necessary, covered by LOCATION and not in spec
7. remove VEVENT from the domain of PERCENT-COMPLETE
8. change the domain of RESOURCES to VEVENT and VTODO from CAL-COMPONENT
9. remove CAL-COMPONENT from the domain of DTSTART, add VEVENT, VTODO,
VFREEBUSY to the domain
10. remove CAL-COMPONENT from the domain of DURATION, add VEVENT, VTODO,
11. add VFREEBUSY to domain of URL
12. FBTYPE should be a choice see 4.2.9 of RFC2445
13. remove REC-VFREEBUSY (rfc2445 pg 59 states that the recurrence
properties are not permitted within a VFREEBUSY calendar component.
14. comment for LONGITUDE should read between -180 and 180, not 0 and
15. comment for LATITUDE should read between -90 and 90, not 0 and 90
16. comment for UTC-OFFSET should be replaced with "Offset from UTC to
local time, between -1200 and 1200"
17. PARTSTAT should be a choice based upon calendar component type, see
4.2.12 in rfc2445

HMMM.. upon further reflection it appears that maybe nos. 12 and 17
above were TEXT to account for the possibility of x-name, some
unspecified experimental type. I can accept that; however, what is the
difference between text and literal. I ask because CN and CUTYPE are
rdfs;Literal. Something is awry here.

Well all for now, I have had a student update the hybrid.rdf with links
to the online RFC. I can make the changes above if you agree; however,
this is where I think configuration management would be helpful.



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