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This isn't a complete solution, but...

I've found it easier to use Notation 3 [1] to create arbitrary RDF content 
in a text editor, then use cwm [2] to convert it to RDF/XML.  For example, 
my current WebWho profile source is at [3], which generates the RDF/XML [4].

The command line I use to activate cwm is this (replace '%1' with file name 
stem, and change the path to as appropriate):
   python d:\dev\swap\ --n3 %1.n3 --rdf --pipe >%1-cwm.rdf






At 06:36 PM 11/3/01 -0500, Terry R. Payne wrote:
>         Are there any tools that generate iCal rdf content?
>Has anyone modified an iCal client to generate content?
>I've been thinking about the whole export issue, as a way of
>generating content for our Calendar Agent [1].  Right now, I've
>been using a text editor (which can be painfull to say the least,
>and error prone to boot!), but know that if we want to make this
>appealing to the man in the street, then thay have to be able to
>generate their own content (after all, who's going to be able to
>make use of the Three Rivers Film Festival markup if they don't
>live in Pittsburgh [2] ???)
>One solution would simply be to serialize the graph and dump
>the rdf in a file.  However, what if I have a meeting with someone
>who is already represented by some rdf (e.g. through vCard or the
>foaf ontology).  If this is the case, then I want to represent
>them via their resource rather than through a copy.  Likewise
>for a location, or any other concept that one would later want
>to reason about.  I'm planning to add some hooks to our agent so
>that if information is acquired via a resource as opposed to being
>defined inline, then the URI will get stored in Outlook, so that
>when a new event is generated, I can have it refer to the reource
>Anyway, back to my initial point - has anyone tackled this issue
>with generating content from any calendar tool or editor?
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