RE: Static pages

>	What I would like to do, as system administrator, is to create the Web
>	pages dynamically ONCE, and to save them automatically. Thus I will have a
>	set of static web pages that were dynamically created.

SQLweb can generate both static and dynamic pages.  It is designed
to provide a dynamic, real-time interface with the database, but with the
newest version (2.0) and its "CGI Anywhere" campatibility each page
can be "executed" as a command-line script.  The output from the script
can be captured into a "static" file.  BTW, the price has recently dropped 
to about $495 for most operating systems.  I've been using it successfully 
for about a year now with Oracle, Sybase, and Just Logic databases.   For 
more information visit the SQLweb site at:

Hope this helps!


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