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At 09:23 PM 11/14/95 -0800, you wrote:
>Hello -
>I am mailing this in the blind since I do not belong to this list. David 
>Berger of EIT alerted me to this issue   ...   (crossing fingers)...
>>At 10:29 AM 11/13/95 -0800, Brian Farrar wrote:
>>Note that the VB CGI's launched by Website are spawned on a (16bit) WOW
>>thread.  This means that you must compile 16 bit apps from VB 4.0 to use
>>with the Website 1.2 CGI interface.  
>This is incorrect. Brian is using the CGI.BAS 'framework' module for VB3, and 
>(among a few other things) the GetPrivateProfileString() function declarations 
>are for the 16-bit Windows API. Therefore VB4 programs compiled to 32-bit 
>using those 16-bit API interface declarations fail. It has absolutely nothing 
>to do with the server. 

Sorry for the misinformation... 

I was extrapolating based upon the CGI 1.2 doc  remark re: previous issue of
command line length for WOW threads in NT and based upon some
experimentation we had done with (you are correct) the CGI.BAS framework.
Admittedly the experimentation was pre-release of VB4 using VB4 betas in
addition to the 1.1 beta of Website.  Mea culpa!

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