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I am mailing this in the blind since I do not belong to this list. David 
Berger of EIT alerted me to this issue   ...   (crossing fingers)...

>At 10:29 AM 11/13/95 -0800, Brian Farrar wrote:
>Note that the VB CGI's launched by Website are spawned on a (16bit) WOW
>thread.  This means that you must compile 16 bit apps from VB 4.0 to use
>with the Website 1.2 CGI interface.  

This is incorrect. Brian is using the CGI.BAS 'framework' module for VB3, and 
(among a few other things) the GetPrivateProfileString() function declarations 
are for the 16-bit Windows API. Therefore VB4 programs compiled to 32-bit 
using those 16-bit API interface declarations fail. It has absolutely nothing 
to do with the server. 

WebSite uses the native FindExecutable() (associations) and CreateProcess() 
services of Win32, and launches both 32-and 16-bit apps exactly the same way. 
The OS decides whether to run in a WOW VDM or natively depending on whether 
the app is 16- or 32-bit. And WebSite can launch an "unlimited" number of 
concurrent CGIs.

The VB4 version of the Windows CGI framework module (CGI32.BAS) has been 
available from O'Reilly tech support and at my own site 
since the day Microsoft lifted the NDA embargo, about 2 weeks prior to the 
release of VB4. If you are a WebSite licensee, it is a good idea to check out 
WebSite Central periodically. Also for issues like these, O'Reilly Tech 
Support can help.

You can play with 32-bit VB4 apps, including a demo of VB4/Access integration, 
complete with Web-viewable sources and Access table/query designs at my site

  -- Bob

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