Re: Choosing a Database   has pointers to Oracles "World Wide Web"
interface kit.  This is essentially a collection of free software that
allows you to easily interface an Oracle database with the Web.



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|Date: Tue, 11 Apr 1995 02:36:26 +0500
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|Subject: Re: Choosing a Database
|Unless you want to go non-proprietary...I would suggest Oracle, Informix
|or Sybase...there are PERL (Program Extraction and Reporting Language)
|interfaces to all of these databases that are SQL based and therefore
|semi-portable.  We use PERL to extract data from Oracle and present
|it as 'virtual' HTML documents within Mosaic for a large Navy application
|with no problems...
|Frank Dreano (Logisitics Management Decision Support System)
|On Thu, 6 Apr 1995, David Dumaresq wrote:
|> Could you advise on selecting a database for a Web application? 
|> I am developing a Web application that will store user requests 
|> containing multiple text strings. I estimate the number of requests to 
|> reach the 100 thousands and each record would be approximately 2k in size.
|> The text fields average 512k each.
|> The database should have good text search functions as well as an 
|> efficient way of locating records based on their text content. 
|> I don't know what other things to consider in this type of application, 
|> please make any suggestions you feel are important.
|> Thanks for your help,
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