Re: any multidatabases?

Hello Roel -

Could you expand on your needs?  

If you are running Oracle, it looks like a relatively straightforward 
query to any or all of the Oracle instances you might be running would do 
the trick.  If you want to query all databases simultaneously, then maybe 
a query against a view in one instances that looks at all the instances 
would work.

Good luck

Rich Oesterling

On Thu, 30 Mar 1995 wrote:
> Hallo,
> As a new subscriber to this list, I have a burning question.
> In Holland we are exploring new ways of making university research 
> information (project-titles, names of institutes, titles of publications, of 
> up to 14 universities) accessible through WWW/Gopher.
> It seems there are two ways of doing that (apart from creating one central 
> database, ofcourse):
> - creating WAIS-databases with indexed text-files, and 
> - creating WWW-gateways to relational databases with research information.
> We are searching for examples of these two options. So far I have found only 
> examples of WAIS-text-searches. Do you know any existing examples of 
> multidatabases (preferably under Oracle) accessible by WWW?
> Roel.
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