[ANN] XQuery and XPath Full Text Test Suite version 1.0.2

The W3C's XML Query Working Group and XSL Working Group are pleased 
to announce the availability of version 1.0.2 of the XQuery and XPath 
Full Text Test Suite (XQFTTS) at 

The tests suite contains information about how to run the test suite 
and how to submit the results (anonymously, if you desire).

XQFTTS 1.0.2 fixes two small bugs reported against XQFTTS 1.0.1.  We 
encourage implementors who have sent us reports for XQFTTS 1.0.1 to 
run XQFTTS 1.0.2 and send us their final reports.  Implementors who 
have not yet run the XQFTTS at all are strongly encouraged to run 
XQFTTF 1.0.2 and submit their implementation reports.  The reports 
that we have received provide a significant amount of the 
implementation experience that we need to request a transition to 
Proposed Recommendation.  We would especially appreciate a report 
showing an implementation of Minimal Conformance using the XQueryX 
syntax.  If we do not receive any such report in the near future, we 
may be compelled to advance XPath and XQuery Full Text 1.0 to 
Proposed Recommendation after removal of the XQueryX option.

We will continue to maintain and enhance the test suite after our 
transition to Proposed Recommendation.  At that time, we do not 
expect to send out any further announcements about our test suite -- 
any news or updates will be posted on our web page.


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