Re: usecases for copy-namespaces decalration available

Andreas Lohmann wrote:

> Hello,
> are there any use cases available to test the implementation of the 
> “copy-namespaces declaration”,
> or can anyone describe a short scenario where its usage really makes 
> sense and visual results depend on declaration attributes?

Take a look at the results of Use Case "NS", query 2:

        <title xmlns="" 
                   xmlns:yabadoo="">In a Silent Way</title>

Does it bother you that a simple string-valued element carries so much 
baggage? It's overhead for the systems involved, and it makes the 
results harder to read if serialized according to our serialization 
rules. Imagine that the same data gets queried repeatedly, stuck in SOAP 
messages, and passed on. The namespace declarations from each SOAP 
envelope keep accumulating over time.

Does this help?


Received on Friday, 27 May 2005 13:31:11 UTC