Re: XML, XQueries, and Databases: Hot Questions?

Jonathan -

A very hot topic would be the semantic gap between notations for 
machine-machine interoperability on the one hand, and person-machine 
interoperability on the other hand.

To put it another way, if people can't understand what the whole system is 
doing, then the system design needs to be improved.  For example, reasoning 
over RDF gets complex and hard to follow very quickly, even over academic 
test examples [1].

For some background on this, please see the "e-Government Presentation" at .

This suggested topic is partly in the technical area, and partly in the 
user interface area.  I hope this may be relevant on the grounds that it's 
important to have an overall system view of how both can work usefully 

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>I am chairing a town hall meeting at XML 2004 on Tuesday evening. What
>are the hot topics that you would like to hear the experts talk about?
>Tuesday, November 16, 7:30 PM
>XML, Queries, and Databases
>Track: Townhall
>Audience Level: Technical View
>This Town Hall meeting will invite industry experts to discuss XQuery,
>SQL 2003, programming APIs for XML query languages, and databases.
>Presenter(s): Jonathan Robie, XML Program Manager, DataDirect
>Technologies, United States

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