Re: questionable syntax choices for XQuery

The request has been posted to public-qt-comments.
Thanks to all of you.

 I am aware that  www-ql is not the right list for posting
formal requests, I just asked for the opinion of
participants in the discussion :-)

>I think I agree with the fact that the ";" at the end of a function 
>is both ugly and unnecessary.
>But if you want this request to be seriously considered by the XQuery 
>please send the email to
>Best regards,

>By which Michael means: public-qt-comments @
>That's where you send formal requests so they'll be looked over by the 
>WG.  You can subscribe to the list to see what others are saying.  Note 
>that just because someone else mentioned your issue, it's OK to write in 
>yourself with your take on the issue.  Otherwise the argument "only one 
>person complained" can be used to reject a suggestion.  Just don't "me 
>too" it.

Received on Wednesday, 21 April 2004 18:02:14 UTC