RE: top-level location-path context dependencies


I think we need use cases to discuss.

What is your use case?

Let me imagine a use case...:

For a use case where you have two collections - "production" and "staged".
I have an application which I want to run against either production or
staged.  The application has queries.  I would want to have a variable
called $input which I use in the queries and which I could set as part of
the context to production or staged.

Now if I have two collections in each environment - prodNews and stagedNews
and prodWhitepaper and stagedWhitepaper, then I might want to have two
variables $news and $whitepaper which I use in my application and which I
set in the query context according to whether I am going against the
production or staged collections.

In this case having input() is not much use, but having variables is.

Standardizing on default collections for the purpose of interoperability may
not be a useful pursuit of a standard.  Having a mechanism that allows a
query to work off its context is probably a useful pursuit of a standard.


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> > In XQuery, the solution is very simple if you make it explicit:
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> > Bind a variable to the sequence.
> The other solution is to bring back input() from the May 2003 draft.
> That's actually more elegant.
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