Re: creation order vs. document order

Bas de Bakker wrote:
>>But now I'm still left with the following question. Is the 
>>semantics of 
>>the following expression well defined in the formal semantics?
>>    (<x><y id="1"/><y id="2"/></x>)/y
> I don't know about the formal semantics,

Any information is welcome, although I really would like to know what 
the formal semantics exactly say. Why else do they exist?

> but will refer you again to
> section 3.2 of the data model:
> "The relative order of siblings is determined by their order in the XML
> representation. A node N1 occurs before a node N2 in document order if
> and only if the start of N1 occurs before the start of N2 in the XML
> document."

Since the fragment is constructed there is no original representation we 
can refer to.

> And also:
> "Informally, document order is the order returned by an in-order,
> depth-first, left-to-right traversal of the data model."

Shouldn't that be a *pre*order traversal? Also this cannot tell us what 
the relative order of the children is if we don't know that order already.

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