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Hi Peter,

Let me answer your questions in terms of Virtuoso:

a) Yes, the data is in local Virtuoso tables or any back end RDBMS.  We
"target" any databases with ODBC or JDBC support, so Oracle is not a
problem - simply link the tables into Virtuoso and treat them as part of
the local schema.

b) XPath or XQuery may be used, or SQL statements returning specific
results presented as an XML document.  The syntax of the document may be
generated by Virtuoso or specifically controlled by your definition, and
further transformed via XSLT.

Hope this helps.

Best regards,
Andrew Hill
Director of Technology Evangelism
OpenLink Software
Universal Data Access & Virtuoso Universal Server

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Two questions:

(a) Does the data already reside in SQL tables and you are building an
    XML *view* on top of it? What RDBMS's are you targetting?

The data lives in Oracle tables and we are trying to build an XML view.

(b) Do you want your programmers to use standard Xquery or can you live
    with any XML oriented query language?
We prefer standards but are open to suggestions.

Our Current system

Table Metadata
TableName   ColumnName      Name
Cars2001  Model           Cars
Age1995   Description     Age

Table Cars2001

Table Age1995

To get all Models of Cars

Select * from Metadata where name="Cars"
Select model from Cars2001

Problem: programmers need to know internal details of metadata model and

Proposed system

Programmer generates queries that looks like

Get all Cars/Model

Get all Age

Get Cars/Model='Ford'


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