implementer's diversity

I'm finding that the query


posed against "bib.xml", provides a fun little stress test of existing
XQuery (and XPath) implementations. I ran this query (with appropriate use
of the document() function to set the topmost context) on seven of the
engines listed on the XML Query working group's home page
( Less than half the engines tested returned
the correct results:

1) a <bib> element (ie, the entire document), followed by
2) the first <book> element (@year="1994"), followed by
3) 10 additional <title> and <last> elements, all of which are the first
subelements in their respective <book> and <author> wrappers.

Microsoft, X-Hive, and Galax got it right; QuiP was slightly wrong (getting
everything but the <bib>); OpenLink fared worse (getting only the <bib>);
Cognetic Systems couldn't compile a workable query at all; and IPSI-XQ
employed such an imaginatively creative algorithm I was unable to deduce any
logical pattern whatsoever. (I told you bad things happen, Peter, when you
don't respond to your emails. :-)

I haven't tested any of the existing XPath engines (whatever environment
they're embedded in), but I'd be curious to see if these fared any better.


Received on Wednesday, 29 May 2002 11:38:35 UTC