Re: Announcement: W3C's five new XQuery/Xpath2 drafts

Massimo (or other Query Working Group person):

Is there a quick and easy way to see the diffs between the current
versions of these documents and the previous versions?

Alan, if you mean a "semantical diff" then no, there's no real easy
way other than the editors or some others to try to check out 
all the diff's. But this was felt to be too much of a burden 
to keep track of, at least at the present moment. It could
become more feasable in the future, with the number of changes 
inbetween versions getting lower and lower (or earlier, if there's 
really this urgency by many other people). Similarly, a less
detailed but very high level diff summary could be useful and more 
feasable too.

Meanwhile, the "easy" way to see diffs is just to download the 
two versions and run your favorite HTML/txt diff tool
(e.g. or others).

If other people feel strongly about the need for a changelog, please
speak up and let us know, thanks :)


Received on Thursday, 27 December 2001 21:01:39 UTC